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ship bycontainer

  • Larger shipments
  • Share a container and save big

ship byplane

  • Faster and for smaller packages
  • New shipping options through our partners


We want to bring you many more choices how to ship your items to you. We will ship a lot of packages to our partner in your area, and he will forward your packages directly to you, or you can pick it up in his warehouse.

Many options

We will be introducing shipping by plane (faster option) and shipping by the sea (cheaper option). When your package gets to our partner, he can offer many ways how to forward the package to you so you can select the one that fits best:
  • local pickup in his warehouse
  • delivery to your home using his truck
  • forwarding by postal office
  • forwarding by a carrier
You will select one of those options before we ship the package.

Customs clearance

Some partners will do all the customs clearance for you. Other will leave it on you so you can do it as normally. When you click on one of the routes, you will see all the information needed.

Discounts on regular shipments (coming soon!)

We want to make the shipping even cheaper. That is why we will introduce discounts, if you reserve a shipping space that you will use in future.